Dean Hinton 1961-2001

Colorado River. Below Shoshone and entering the majestic Glenwood Canyon. Dean was the first on the water. The river was running 3500 c.f.s. (cubic feet per second). We had a great day. Click the pic for further thoughts.

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A great day indeed. At times the river seemed so wide, deep and turbulent that I felt I was in an ocean. The safety of high ground so far away, the shores a formidable quagmire of currents sweeping over boulders and through partially submerged trees. This was the only trip I ever made that I didn't take a swim in the glacial runoff. Talk about adrenaline. A lot of it I plotted and ran myself. Before we hit the more dangerous stretches, Dean managed to get close enough to give me the do-or-die advice I needed to survive the next set of rapids. What a day!