The Hallicost - The Hallabortion of Halliburton. Thanks Dick!

Hey. We've only had 1,000 employees killed in Iraq (not that we'd ever admit it). We get paid a lot, and we haven't re-built squat.
And now we have Congress by the balls awarding us no-bid contracts to re-build areas hit by Katrina.
(or was it "Corinna", like some bimbo named Laura kept calling it?)

U.S. Taxpayer
123 American Way
Everywhere, USA 00000

Date Today 12345
PAY TO THE ORDER OF ___HALLIBURTON___________________________
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xx . xxxxxxxxx BILLION and no sense _______________________________ DOLLARS

Bank of the Social Security Fund
666 Mission Accomplished Court
Washington, DC, 20001
MEMO Weapons of Mass Deception

Check amount calculated from monthly average of contracts awarded.

Cheese sandwich for our troops - $25.00
Paper Plate for that sandwich - $20.00
Canteen of fecal water filled from Tigris - $40.00
Gasoline price increase - 500%
Admitted Overcharges - $10,000,000,000
Un-Admitted Overcharges (Who knows???)
Unfettered ability to do so - PRICELESS
The Halliburton, Bechtel and Carlysle teams wish to thank y'all for your support. Rest assured that the "overcharges" will be funneled into our profits, re-election campaigns and the tax shelters that keep us, the elite, the rich and powerful, in the positions we enjoy as your overlords. We know that Americans understand this. We're sorry we put your kids in Iraq without body armor, without weapons, and into 120 degree deserts without water. We know you do not mind as long as you know where your tax dollars are going. Who says we didn't have a plan going into Iraq?
Halliburton violates contract to feed our troops.
Administration Violates Laws for Contracts