Microsoft and The Never Ending Quest
to Screw Their Own Customers.

  • 02/11/07

    The new hidden email client .dat file

    Recently I started receiving emails from friends that consisted of only a a .dat file. ???? Can't open it, the email means nothing and looks like it could be something malicious.

    Turns out that what Microsoft did was to ship out an undocumented update to unsuspecting Windows users in the form of a security patch.

    What does it do?
    Lets say you use a Microsoft email client like Outlook. You go to send an email to some friends. You attach some pictures (.jpg or other files) to your email to send. When you click to send it, Microsoft scrambles your email into a .dat file and then sends that as an attachment.

    When your friends receive it all they get is an email with a .dat file attached to it.

    Turns out that unless the recipients are running the latest Windows email client with the latest Microshaft patches, they can't open it or do anything with it.

    Why did Microshaft do this?
    To intentionally jack up any email received by someone NOT using the latest Microsoft OS and MS spyware.

    Microsoft seems to think that by using their monopoly to create a hostile and non-functional internet experience that they will win over their customers. But all they are really doing is proving that Microsoft is your enemy, not your friend.

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