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Tired of all the sugar-coated filtered crap from ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC or FOX Noise that THEY call the news?
Then free yourself from the catatonic stupor that FOX viewers enjoy and return to reality.
After all, the major media outlets in the US are owned by billionaires whose only goal is to mislead Americans into believing lies designed to sway the peasants into voting for those who promote the agenda of the oligarchy. Enlighten yourself and quit being a stool pigeon. Use your brain for logic and analysis for a change.


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That brings us to the final lesson here: what passes for news in America. For the past 10 years, roughly since the idiotic O.J. Simpson trial, the language of marketing has entered American newsrooms like a badly targeted cruise missile. Talk of plot lines and demographics, sexiness and “water-cooler” appeal have polluted a mission that is protected by its own constitutional amendment. Celebrity journalists interview celebrity dimwits about their sex lives, while American foreign policy is left running on auto-pilot.

The hard truth is that the U.S. media left America as unprepared for these terrorist attacks as any Air Force general or CIA bureaucrat. As we dropped bombs on Iraq for 10 years running — justified or not — the U.S. media failed to report on it. Then suddenly, on Sept. 11, we think “We’re at war” when in fact there hasn’t been a day since the Gulf War ended when an American aircraft hasn’t locked onto a target with a missile or bomb. We were at war, it’s just that the media didn’t think it was interesting enough to tell you about it. That’s our lesson to learn. --Michael Moran

The way the ball bounces.