Amazing how everyone recently forgot about healthcare, unemployment and the economy just to jump on the "evil"-French-bashing-bandwagon. In a democratic and civilized society (or world for that matter) isn't it enough to just say, "I respect your right to disagree" and move on to important matters? Or are we perhaps so undemocratic and uncivilized that hate-mongering is our first reaction to differences of opinion?

Years ago I tried to cancel my former Internet Service Provider, Earthstink, because of all the problems. I sent them an email. They responded that they can't use email because it's not secure. OK? I dial into their servers, log on per their requirements and put mail on their servers. Now, they tell me that their own systems are not secure? I previously paid for a year of service with a check because I didn't want to give them my credit card number. They said they can't cancel the account without a credit card number to verify it really was me who wasn't going to pay them with a check again. They got neither.

I heard something on the news the other day. They said the economy is getting better because there were 10,000 fewer layoffs than in the previous month. I guess that does prove one thing, you can't lay off the already unemployed.

It seems that in the old days, an institution or corporation would grow because it offered a service or product that people were happy with. Nowadays, it seems that the only method most companies know, and utilize, to gain market share is to buy out every competitor, or to effectively, 'buy customers'. This explains why the attitude you get from a customer support center is analgous to, "Hey, we paid good money to buy you. You should feel priviledged to wait on hold for as long as it takes us to destroy this acquisition."

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