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Best -- Laptop Repair

Visit them at . Though not in the South Bay they are the closest place to get your laptop, ANY laptop, fixed at a great price with great service. Visit Laptop Rescue at 12446 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066 (310) 737-1929. This is the West LA area. After a friend gave me his Macbook because he stepped on it and cracked the LCD screen, I called everywhere. All these ads for computer repair in the phonebooks and newspapers and most didn't even want to touch it. Those that would wanted $600-$800 to do the job. So I checked out how to do it myself. That required special tools to take it apart and special glues to reassemble. Even found a course on a site that sold the repair kits. Whoa, too much for me. Then I found Laptop Rescue and they do everything for incredibly fair prices. When I picked up the machine it was perfect and the bill was $100 less than the estimate which was already below half the price of the others. Laptop Rescue also sells refurbished laptops so if you need a good laptop at a discount price I would call and see what they have in stock.

Worst -- DCH Torrance Toyota on PCH.

This used to be a reputable dealer until they were bought by DCH. Don't Come Here must be what it stands for. These guys ripped me off big time. On one car I bought I said "Show me the CarFax". They lied. I later learned it had been in a collision and only the cosmetic work was repaird. On another car they charged over $2,000 and the car would barely run afterwards. After they failed to return my calls and kept giving me excuses that the manager wasn't there that day, that week, that month, I reported it to the BBB (which should be called the BFB - Better For Business, and they, DCH totally lied about how they tried to help and respond. The BBB gives the business the last word and the DCH liars know how to work the system. Lesson learned, you can't trust the BBB and you can't trust any DCH car dealership. These liars take your money, don't deliver, and then use the BBB to make themselves appear to be customer oriented.

BEST -- Aerial Photography - South Bay and LA

It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of John William "Bill" Alnes. A fellow pilot, a husband and a father. I did not know him as well as some, but in the conversations we had, I could tell he was someone very special. It's not often that you meet someone and their goodness is just so overwhelming that it warms your heart. Bill Alnes could do just that. His love for flying, photography and life was exceptional. Everyone who took the time to talk to him couldn't help but realize his many qualities.
If you would like to get a hold of some great aerial photography of the South Bay, LA, the many places his plane and his camera travelled (maybe even of your area), you can still do so. In keeping with tradition, his family is currently maintaining booths at some of the town fairs. Please visit Fiesta Hermosa or the fairs at the Hollywood Riviera (Redondo Beach) and locate the Bill Alnes Aerial Photography booth and buy an aerial of one of the many beautiful areas he has captured. I have one of his photos HERE. It is a scan and not nearly as good as the many breathtaking images you will find at "his" booth. I've bought many and given them as gifts to the people I truly care about. We miss you Bill and never expected you to be taken from us so soon. So many, will never forget you. Your legacy lives on.

Please visit for the online project.

Best -- Aloha Smog - Vehicle Emissions Testing

Visit them at . They perform both TEST ONLY and regular inspections. Get a $10 dollar off coupon on their website or a $15 off coupon at the Easy Reader Coupons site. Really nice people and great, fast service.

Best South Bay Realtors

You will never find anyone who who works as hard for you as John Fields of Bonanza Realty. Whether you are buying, selling or looking, contact John Fields at Bonanza Realty (310)539-3101 today. Or email him at No one will work harder for the buyer or the seller than John. And once you close, he won't ever forget you.

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